Trust Me: You Won’t Fix It

brocken bowlSo many of my clients have piles of things they want to fix. Things that broke months, even years ago. These are more piles of what I call good intentions! I’ve come across broken shoes, torn clothes, broken knick-knacks, even books with binding in need of repair. Each person was convinced that they would “someday” have them repaired.If you have a few of these good intentions lying around, ask yourself these questions:

“If I saw this in the store today, would I buy it?” If no, then you need to boldly let it go. This is probably the reason you haven’t made the effort to fix it yet. Don’t waste anymore time or money on something that isn’t your favorite. Make room for something that you love.

Now if you answered yes to that question, then ask yourself, “How much would I pay for it?” If the amount you are willing to pay is less than the cost of having the item fixed, do yourself a favor and let it go.

It’s true that every once in awhile you’ll come across something that is truly special and definitely worth repair. But don’t let yourself feel guilty about the rest of the stuff that’s not worth fixing. Your time and money is too valuable to waste!

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