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The key to happiness, satisfaction, great success, and a wonderful feeling of personal power and effectiveness is for you to develop the habit of eating your frog first thing every day! Fortunately, this is a learnable skill that you can acquire through repetition. When this habit of starting on your most important task first is developed, your success is assured.

Get more things done faster by learning the 21 rules and principles found in Eat That Frog!   (click here to purchase on Amazon)


The world’s all-time master of sculpture, painting, and architecture, Michelangelo had the unique ability to “see” a masterpiece inside a block of stone–or hidden in the curves of a chapel ceiling. Then, with astonishing purpose and drive, he would bring his unique vision to life.

There’s a masterpiece inside of you too. It’s the life and career you’ve always wanted, buried beneath layers of doubt, fear, and untapped potential. All you have to do is “see” it–and release it–with The Michelangelo Method(click here to purchase on Amazon)

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