Testimonial from Kelly

“First CarlaRae toured the house and listened to my tale of woe and we came up with a plan. For me, that meant going through the house room-by-room, pile-by-pile and figuring out a place for everything. We met about 2x a month for a year — yes it was that bad! First we tackled the laundry room, then the basement and set up storage. We worked on systems and new habits to help maintain the systems we devised. She also talked through some time management snarls and home routines that needed help such as grocery and meal planning. She helped us figure out to rotate the children’s clothing and toys. Now she come less frequently as I learn to maintain what we set up.

Overall, CarlaRae helped smooth out the bumps of daily living. Before calling Loose Ends, I can remember rocking my newborn and seething with anger as I surveyed the incredible mess all around me. I felt totally overwhelmed by all there was to do. It felt like it was me against the kids and the hubby. CarlaRae didn’t impose a rigid system on me. She listened as we discussed the problems and she came up with solutions. Sometimes she was like a detective trying to figure out the root cause of the problem. CarlaRae has enormous empathy for moms. She doesn’t strive for perfection and that has been a great gift. She’s also great a problem-solving issues about kids and cleaning up. Our home doesn’t look like a magazine layout but it’s comfortable livable place for me and my family. This has been a life-changing experience for me. She brought the freedom of simplicity to our house and I am eternally grateful.”

~ Kelly in Seattle, WA