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How to Quick Clean Your Home

An old friend calls and says she’s in the neighborhood and wants to drop by in 20 minutes. Or you arrive home late from work just before a scheduled holiday dinner party – that you’re hosting! You look around your house and wonder how you’re going to get it clean...
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Get Rid of Unwanted Catalogs For Good!

Now that it’s the holiday season, are you being inundated with unwanted catalogs, coupons, credit card offers, donation requests, and other junk mail? You see, most companies mail you because you’ve done business with them at some point in time. But many companies send you mail because they bought your...
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Small Business Saturday

Don’t forget… tomorrow is Small Business Saturday, a day to celebrate and support small businesses and all they do for their communities. Shopping small creates and supports local jobs. Each time you purchase a product or a service on Main Street, you are helping to pay the salary of a...
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Urgent vs Important

“The urgent problems are seldom the important ones.” – Former President Dwight D. Eisenhower Has this ever happened to you? At the end of a hectic day, you sit down and find yourself thinking of all the things that you tackled. You realize that you kept yourself extremely busy, but...
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