The Black Light Experiment

It’s Halloween! To celebrate this frightful holiday, I thought I’d share a fun (but icky) exercise to do next time you clean your bathroom. I warn you: this might be scary. Oh, and if you have kids, let them join in… all kids love gross stuff!

First purchase a black light bulb.

Then, screw it into the light fixture in your bathroom. Close the door, turn on the light, and be prepared to scream!

So you might be thinking… why in the world would I want to see every speck of bodily fluids and dirt splattered all over my bathroom?!? While ignorance is sometimes bliss, it’s actually great motivation to deep clean the dirtiest place in your house.

Toss your mats and shower curtains in the wash; wipe down the walls and cabinets; scrub the tub, sink, mirror, and counters; scour the grout; and don’t forget the toilet (which might not be the biggest offender after all). Deep clean the entire room, all the way down to the base boards. When you think you’re done, plug in the black light once again… you never know what’s still lurking!

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