Getting Out the Door

running lateWhen it’s time to leave the house, do you struggle getting out the door on time? Here are some tips to save a few minutes…

• If you are regularly misplacing your keys, establish a specific spot to keep them. You can hang a peg near the door or entry table. A small decorative bowl or basket is another solution. Whatever you decide to you use, spend a few days establishing the habit of placing your keys in the special spot as soon as you walk in the door. When it’s time to leave again, “Voila!”… no more searching for your keys!

• If you take your lunch to work, or if your kids usually bring lunch to school, then make them the night before. Consider putting the entire lunch bag in the fridge… it’s not going to hurt your crackers if they get chilled. Then in the morning, you can grab and go… no need to put everything together.

• Pick out your clothes (or your kids clothes) before going to bed at night as well. For some people, picking out your outfit before your morning coffee can lead to disaster!

• Put everything you take with you in one place. Lunch bags (or a reminder note that it’s in the fridge), briefcase, purse, and anything else you’ll need. Take inventory the night before to make sure you didn’t forget anything. In the morning, you won’t have to think so hard.

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