Create a Love Box

It’s Valentine’s Day! Are you feeling all mushy, gushy, and sentimental inside? If so, then now is the perfect time to create a special keepsake “Love Box”. Here’s how…

First, collect all the many love letters, mementos, and tokens of love that you have lying around your house. Do you have any small souvenirs from a vacation you took together? Maybe something sentimental from your wedding day? You can even grab a few of your favorite photos of you and your special someone.

In my Love Box I have a few corks from special dates, a paper cigar ring from our honeymoon, and a journal entry that I wrote on the first day that I met my husband (boy did he sweep me off my feet that night!)… And of course no love box is complete without a corny love letter given to me on our first Valentine’s Day.

Be careful not to clutter your box too much! Remember that extra special things can very easily lose their value when stored with too many unimportant and less sentimental items.

Next, find a box to store everything in. While an old shoebox would do just fine, it would be ideal if you can purchase a nicer box – something that truly honors the treasured items you keep inside.

My box is a simple, black leather archive box I found at Storables. Here are a few other ideas for you (click on the images to order from Amazon)…

Last but not least, make sure you store your Love Box someplace in your home where other people won’t have access to it. You don’t need to hide it (it would be a shame if you forgot where it was). And something so special shouldn’t be buried in your closet. Maybe in a nightstand drawer or the top of your dresser?

Wherever you decide to store your Love Box, continue to add special items over the years to come. Anytime you want to reminisce and celebrate your love with your special someone -particularly on a day like today – light a few candles, turn on your favorite Barry White album, pour a glass of wine, open up your Love Box and rekindle your romance!

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