Front Seat Organizer

Even I have a hard time keeping my car organized! The most cluttered area of my car? The front seat. After getting into the driver’s side, I literally dump everything I happen to have in my arms onto the passenger seat next to me… paper, snacks, a water bottle, my phone, purse, calendar book, sunglasses, a Black Eyed Peas CD to rock out to during traffic, and of course my favorite Sudoku book for when I get to an appointment early and have to sit in the car.

Can you relate? Do you have a pile of stuff always sitting next to on the passenger seat just waiting to fly to the floor the next time you have to slam on the breaks? Here are a couple ideas to help cut down on the chaos…

This Case Logic Front Seat Organizer easily attaches to front, back or side of seat using adjustable buckle attachment system. It has collapsible interior dividers to custom fit a variety of items. (Click here to buy… from Amazon)


This High Road Swing-Away Driver Organizer gives you a variety of pockets to stash all the smaller things that you need easy access to.  When someone wants to hop in the front passenger seat, just swing it to the back out of the way without having to detach it from the headrest.
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