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How to Quick Clean Your Home

An old friend calls and says she’s in the neighborhood and wants to drop by in 20 minutes. Or you arrive home late from work just before a scheduled holiday dinner party – that you’re hosting! You look around your house and wonder how you’re going to get it clean...
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Get Rid of Unwanted Catalogs For Good!

Now that it’s the holiday season, are you being inundated with unwanted catalogs, coupons, credit card offers, donation requests, and other junk mail? You see, most companies mail you because you’ve done business with them at some point in time. But many companies send you mail because they bought your...
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Moving Onward and Upward

Last week, I had a routine organizing consultation scheduled with a client of mine whom I visit once a month. I was so excited about this particular consultation... for over a year now, she had made such a huge effort to declutter her home and really started to develop...
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