Pay Bills on the Go

pay billsI was a little late in the game when it came to using bill pay online (which is usually how it goes with anything electronic). I was completely intimidated, but soon realized that it was 10 times faster than mailing checks. Now that I have discovered how wonderful online bill payment really is, I will never go back! Yet I completely understand that many of you still insist on the old fashioned way of writing checks and using snail mail.

Here is a quick tip to save time paying your bills: keep a portable bill-paying file handy in your purse or car. Keep the file stocked with stamps, envelopes, a calculator, and your checkbook. When you’re headed out of the house to run errands, grab your stack of current bills. Bring the bills and your portable bill-pay file when you’re waiting for an appointment at the doctors, dentist, or beauty shop. It’s a great way to maximize those minutes instead of flipping through out dated magazines in the waiting room!


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