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Trust Me: You Won’t Fix It

So many of my clients have piles of things they want to fix. Things that broke months, even years ago. These are more piles of what I call good intentions! I’ve come across broken shoes, torn clothes, broken knick-knacks, even books with binding in need of repair. Each person was...
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Gifts and Guilt

Fill in the blank… “If I get rid of _______  that so-and-so gave me, I’ll feel guilty.” We often feel so responsible to be good stewards of things that we’ve been given or even inherited from a loved one. Getting rid of a present feels like disrespecting the giver. But...
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Lightness of Being

“Letting Go of Possessions Bares the Endless Possibilities of Living” By Jane Adams, author of Boundary Issues and When Our Grown Kids Disappoint Us. Like a snake shedding its skin, I discarded remnants of myself before I closed, for the last time, the door of the Seattle loft I’d call...
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